Give your customers a moving experience

What is HomeStory?

A private label home buying service for banks that match customers with the best home, agent and mortgage - at a fraction of the acquisition cost.

Achieves 40% prequalification pull-through

Banks get a differentiated customer experience:

  • A marketing program that captures interested customers and enhances service during the home buying process
  • Concierge managed service connecting high quality agents held to strict SLAs, resulting in 90%+ satisfaction
  • Co-branded platform that promotes your mortgage products during a home purchase, seamlessly integrating with bank websites, and mobile apps

RESPA Compliant

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A proven way to enhance customer experience

Strategy to dramatically reduce marketing spend, boost new mortgages, and improve customer satisfaction.

Proven solution with 90% customer satisfaction

Customers get a dream home and dream mortgage:

  • Up to $6,500 cash back on closing
  • High quality agents with expertise in their areas, held accountable to deliver superior customer service
  • Unified platform that integrates your mortgage products into the home shopping experience

HomeStory Consumer Benefits

HomeStory Consumer Benefits

Agents get a mechanism that provides:

  • Collaboration with the bank, agent and consumer ensuring a smooth closing process
  • High-quality customers reducing in-house marketing costs
  • Insight and analytics on what homes sell and why

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